One Problem ✗ Crowd Control

can alvin and the chipmunks just please do a one direction song cause i mean imagine how catchy that would be




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jfc i need to unfollow a few blogs and follow others because this dash is weird

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i lost a lot of followers here.

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//-something about checking other blogs here-

-logs off here and only checks one because they he gets distracted by feels-

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First few steps - well, almost.


Lifting Alvin’s hand up to her mouth and planting soft kisses onto it, Brittany then glanced up at him with a soft smile, then whispered softly. “I can take him if you’d like. Unless you’d like to try and put him to bed. Whatever you want to do love.” She glanced back over to Logan, slightly pouting to the site of his aggravation of being tired. A lot of times, Brittany could just lay him onto her chest and rub his back and he’d go right to sleep. But this time, since Alvin was holding him.. she wanted him to attempt to put Logan to bed, hoping that Logan would become a liiiiittle bit closer to his dad, and giving his mom a tiny break from putting him to sleep. “Well on second thought… maybe you should try to put him to bed this time baby.” Brittany smiled at Alvin and then back to their son who was still, per usual. Trying to fight off being tired. In some sort of way it was to die for adorable, but she didn’t want him to be up much later once he got fussy. 

Alvin quirked a brow at his girlfriend. Was she seriously suggesting that he’d be the one to put Logan to bed? The look on her face gave him his answer. Sighing, Alvin didn’t think this was a good idea, every time he tried to put his son to bed it always ended up with Logan screaming his lungs off. Alvin would always joke about how it was only because he was lacking on breasts which Brittany, of course had, but it was really because the kid was too much of a momma’s boy.

Alvin gave her one last look, one that said Are you sure about this? Again, the look on her face gave him the answer. Repressing an eye roll he sat up and took his son in his arms. By this time Logan was getting really fussy was and was squirming around, “Momma, momma,” he cried out , reaching over Alvin’s shoulder for Brittany.

Alvin just patted his back and stood up, and swayed back and forth with his son placed onto his shoulder. But that was no use because the one year old continued to wriggle around and squirm. Logan was now crying, kicking his legs and screaming his little lungs out. Alvin sighed and tried switching his position so that he was cradling him; Logan still continued to cry. He wiped his eyes and continued to mumble “Mama,” over and over. Alvin was beginning to get frustrated now, but he wasn’t about to quit. 

"Shhhh…" he breathed out towards his son. "I know, I don’t have cushion like your mom, but lets give her a break, okay?" Alvin chuckled softly as he continued to cradle his son, who’s crying has ceased. Now the one year old was rubbing his eyes once more, and he let out a yawn and soon curled up again his father.

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